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Cressman Piano Service

Cressman Piano Service website mockup

Client: Cressman Piano Service

Our Role: Web Design, Web Development, Copywriting & Editing, Print Design

Launch Date: July 2019

Wayne Cressman of Cressman Piano Service was looking for a modern website design to showcase his piano tuning and repair services. His vision for the website was a classic piano-black colour scheme and a blog page about the various facets of piano care and maintenance.

The Challenge:

To create a black-themed website that would contain a lot of text. This could cause eye-strain for readers and make white text look hazy.

The Solution:

A good balance of crisp-white and colour headlines with off-white body text on dark charcoal greys and blacks. This achieved the classic black piano theme and made the text easily readable.

Cressman Piano Service website mockup
Cressman Piano Service website mockup

During our development phase, we turned our static designs into a functioning website! This included reviewing and adding written content. In this case, we were not required to create content as it was provided by our client, Wayne. First, we edited for consistency, clarity, and accuracy. Then, we optimized search terms and updated meta descriptions. Lastly, we proofread for correct spelling and grammar.

Photographs were optimized for website viewing and loading speeds.

Next we trained the Cressman Piano Service team in back-end use, creating blog posts, and updating the website. Part of this involved setting up a maintenance routine for WordPress updates and security measures.

Additionally, we used our design systems to create print collateral requested by the client. In this case, we designed a business card with a handy section on the back for handwritten notes.

Cressman Piano Service business card front
Cressman Piano Service business card back


Our team created a responsive website that looks good on all devices, is easy to maintain, and has the tools to effectively reach the target audience. Within five weeks, Cressman Piano Service moved from page 7 to page 1 in relevant results on Google Search.